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Michael (Mickey) Shmikler

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10/05/19 10:30 PM #1    

Robert Elson

I was genuinely saddened to hear that Mickey passed away. He was one of the nicest guys in our class; and was always fun to be around. He had an infectious, happy outlook about life. We were in the London Fogs together, and I have fond memories (and tinnitus) from those great early teenage times. May he rest in peace.

10/08/19 01:45 PM #2    

Stuart Leviton

Robert, I remember The London Fogs playing an Edgewood Jr High talent show. They were playing Hanky Panky. I was rapt watching Bob Elson play the drums. For some of the song he played his right hand on the floor tom-tom rather than a cymbal. Made the beat so much stronger. Kids were bouncing in the seats. A few were dancing in the aisles. Edgewood had exploded into teen age spirit. Bruce Garnetz may have been in the middle of the guitar solo when Mr Bisvecke pulled the plug and closed the curtain. Too late, Mr Bisvecke. The sixties had begun.



10/09/19 11:56 AM #3    

Guy Phillips

Great smile...gentle friend. I remember sitting between Mickey and Tom Early in gym class with Coach Chuck Schramm. We had some laughs then...and at our reunions. In your death, Mickey, you gave us the gift of looking at, and appreciating, our lives today and whatever future lies ahead for us. 

And I also remember the 8th grade concert where the VP pulled the cord 'cause they were warned not to sing "Louie Louie." (or was it "Hanky Panky"?) But I thought his name was Visbecke? 

10/10/19 11:19 AM #4    

Joe Harwood

Ohhh.... the stories I could tell!!   Mickey was ALWAYS a good person.   Thankfully, I am still in touch with his brother Sam -- who's also a good man.  Rest in Peace Mickey ... 

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